5 Different Acrylic nails ideas and How to Acrylic Nails

Every day, the methods that people develop to flourish and care are growing rapidly. One of these is the acrylic nail fashion which has been on too many agenda lately. So, what is this acrylic nail?
Acrylic nails is a prosthetic nail application. Of course, the dentures sold in cosmetic markets do not enter the prosthetic nail class. Let’s first make the separation of the prosthetic fingernail with the pseudonym. Prosthetic nails can remain in the nails for 6 months when the necessary care is performed regularly. But the dentures are suitable for daily use and the maintenance methods applied on prosthetic nails are not valid.

Acrylic nail, which is a variety of prosthetic nails, is a work done with a special powder and liquid. This work, which does not appear as natural as gel nails, is created with a plastic nail that is glued to the tip of the fingernail. After the plastic nail is glued to the end of the actual nail, the special mixture is filled with the remaining part of the fingernail.

If you want to create a long nail image, you can use round or brake plastic nail tips In the list of materials. Then you can dip your acrylic application brush into your acrylic liquid and then take the desired acrylic powder with the tip of your brush and apply it with slight movements to your fingernail. After completing the application you can clean the nail with alcohol and drive the top coat. However, this application is a practice that requires patience at first. Beginners can have better results if they can show patience.

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