9 Wedding Makeup Looks and Tutorial ideas

Are you on the fence about letting a wedding makeup expert do your wedding makeup? If so, you might want to reconsider. If you have never tried wedding makeup before, you could end up with very unhealthy, even dangerous results.

When it comes to wedding makeup, you may want to try out a trial run before you commit to paying for services. Take advantage of this time to see if you enjoy working with the experts. Make sure that you can handle the extra work.

Wedding makeup ideas for bridal

Plus, if you love your chosen service, you may want to stick with it after the trial run is over. You’ll probably be so impressed with your skincare specialist that you won’t want to switch! Your consultation could even lead to a long-term relationship. When you see the photos’ quality that some brides post on their blogs and online communities, you may be tempted to hire the first makeup artists you see. Do you think they are as good as the blog posts say they are?

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You may even be willing to spend a little more for better results. But how do you know if you have found the right professional to help you look beautiful on your wedding day? It would help if you talked to them. It would help if you asked lots of questions. While talking to the bridal party makeup artists recommended for your wedding, ask questions about their training and experience. Do they have actual clients who they can talk to about their wedding day makeup?

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Natural wedding makeup

Do they know what they are doing? Ask what type of products they recommend for your wedding day. If a recommendation sounds too good to be true, chances are it isn’t. In the case of a big wedding, many brides and grooms find themselves in the position of having to choose between what their stylist suggests and what they make up artist presents.

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What do they do? The stylist often makes suggestions from the photos in the store, catalogs, magazines, etc. But, if a makeup artist recommends a product, don’t you want at least to hear a little bit of reasoning behind it? Maybe the artist knows more about the product than the store employees.

wedding makeup tutorial (3)

Wedding makes up artists have been trained to know what looks best on different people. That is why the market for “non-traditional” bridal makeup has been exploding. Skincare brands like Mary Kay, Colgate, and Dove make large amounts of money each year selling makeup designed to work with different skin tones and types. It isn’t just the big day that these products will be used, but the months and years leading up to the wedding as well.

Wedding makeup ideas for bridal (2)

Bridal make up needs to be able to adapt to each wedding and season, so the right colors and formulation must be used. When buying your cosmetics for the big day, make sure that the foundation’s shade and texture, lip gloss, or lipstick are suitable for your skin tone and wedding dress. Lip colors are one of the most critical areas to consider because many brides do not want to appear unnatural during the wedding ceremony. While some traditional colors may look good on most people, your lips are one place where you can show off your personality.

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You may want to stay away from the oil-based foundation and instead choose a lip balm, eye shadow, or lipstick that is water-based. The water-based products will be less irritating to your lips than oil-based makeup, meaning that you can wear them longer without the risk of irritation. Eyeshadow is also an essential part of your makeup, but it should not be too noticeable. Most brides will use eye shadow and mascara to highlight their eyes and eyelashes, but some women may not desire to do this. If you have naturally dark eyes, then mascara might not suit your skin tone and eye shape.

Wedding makeup ideas for bridal (3)

If this is the case, you may want to ask your makeup artist for advice on a mascara that will work your face. If your eye shadow is too dark or if you do not have enough color in your brows to stand out, then you may want to ask your makeup artist for advice on highlighting the areas of your face that you would like to.

Wedding makeup tutorial

Wedding day is of course one of the biggest days for all women. And you should also remember that it will be your happiest day as well as being a little stressful and tiring. All eyes will be on you and so you will be focus center of the day. You will want to look gorgeous and beautiful without doubt but of course there are some points you should take into consideration.

For example, your wedding dress is of course very important but your makeup is also equally important as it will make you look much more beautiful. It is generally advised to use water-proof makeup in case you cry. And your makeup should last all day as you will dance, eat and hug during the wedding ceremony. Some foundations may reflect different under light so it is recommended to photograph your makeup before wedding ceremony.

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On this beautiful day, you probably want to be the most attractive woman and you can achieve this by following simple steps. A wedding dress, shoes and hair are important but your wedding makeup is also of great importance. We have collected you the most beautiful wedding makeups and you can choose among them.



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