Crochet Bikini Design Ideas 2021 (2)

A crochet bikini top is super trendy right now. This is a simple crochet bikini top designed with just a couple of basic stitches but is gorgeous when finished! It’s definitely for beginners to learn, so have patience, and you will master this crochet bikini top before you know it!

Crochet Bikini Design Ideas

This crochet bikini top is also perfect for wearing as a wrap because it makes it easy to wear and doesn’t ride up. This crochet bikini top is super comfortable, and it will make you feel great every time you wear it. This pattern is a beautiful bikini top that is worked in the round from the bottom up. The nice thing about this pattern is that it can be worn as a wrap or a tank.


Crocheters can create different styles for each style, including a triangle top, a tube top, or even a cowl neck. This pattern comes with a matching scarf to carry around with you, and because it is crocheted in rounds, there are endless possibilities for adding extra embellishments to the pattern.

Crochet Bikini Design Ideas 2021 (4)

Another crochet bikini top that is perfect for the beach is the Lace Bralette. This pattern is designed with a single loop on each side of the way, like a cross, and makes a gorgeous Lace Bralette that can be worn on the beach or used as a tank. This Lace Bralette is made using modified double crochet (MC) crochet pattern, so it is very easy to crochet. The design is worked into a tight fabric, so it forms an excellent close fit on the body, and the stripes on the pattern to make the lace feels soft against the skin.


Here is another excellent crochet bikini pattern that is perfect for those relaxing at the beach. This beautiful, long hair bikini top is worked in the round from the top down and ends with a simple ponytail tie. It is a fantastic way to wear short hairstyle over the shoulder with confidence. With this beautiful pattern, any hair length can be worked into the design without neck tension. This pattern works with a simple crochet hook, and because it is performed in the round, the pattern repeats from bottom to top.

Crochet Bikini Design Ideas 2021 (5)

One of the most popular patterns used in making a crochet bikini is the one where the bikini top is formed into a fishnet t-shirt with a pair of dropped stitches at the front and back seams. This pattern is usually made using worsted weight yarn, as it produces a nice, light texture.


The final step of this fun crochet bikini pattern is the bikini bottom. Again, it can be worked in circular circles, just as the way did on the first side. After the base is completed, perform the bikini’s last three stitches to form a short square. Now attach jewelry to your beach body with pearls or wire wraps. Crochet sets of beach dresses are perfect for every woman at summer camp or a women’s birthday party.

Crochet Bikini Design Ideas 2021 (1)

Taylor Lynn Crochet

Taylor Lynn has been designing and crochets stylish beachwear and accessories for girls and women for years. Her unique crochet patterns are in great demand all over the world. If you would like to try out her fabulous designs, you will be able to get these products in several patterns for very reasonable prices.


You will also find many other crochet patterns for women’s clothing, including women’s jeans, tank tops, shorts, and skirts.

Crochet Bikini Models

In the fashion of recent years, it will be inevitable to see that the use of knitting bikini models is widespread. Any outfit made with knitting will be effective in this year’s prevailing fashion sense. Therefore, it is advisable for women to get to work as soon as they are.


The most preferred color shade among women is the white, which is the trend among the knitted bikini models. Burgundy color Knitting bikini models are a factor in achieving a much more elegant and elegant appearance. There is a very important difference that separates these bikinis from the bikinis we use in everyday life. This is personal. Customized bikini design is no longer a dream. Because women have the chance to use their hand-crafted bikinis that no one else uses.

Crochet Bikini Models 2021

By examining the preparation of knitting bikini models, you can also manipulate the same motifs. However, knitting a bikini is not as easy as knitting a normal outfit. Some details should be taken care of. Although the Weave bikini will give you a different look, they are made to be blended with additional products. For example, for knitting bikini top, the use of additional fabrics will be inevitable. It is also not possible to discuss the necessity of lining the fabric from a piece of cloth to prevent the interior from appearing for the Bikini Bottom. If you want to hit your stamp by 2018 by using the Knitting bikini models, you can review the samples that were made earlier. It is also helpful to get help from courses to gain dexterity.

Crochet Bikini Colors and Trends

#1: Cute crochet bikini top

You can find many different models as a bikini top. Especially in knitted and crocheted bikinis, you can make designs suitable for your body. If we give the example of the bikini top below, it is a very beautiful model. The choker on the top covering the chest gives a nice appearance.

Cute crochet bikini top


#2: White crochet bikini top

Knit bikini tops are knitted this way to be suitable for daily use. Bikinis you can wear on the beaches are a little shorter. Especially the tops of the bikini. In addition, almost all of them are tied in the form of a rope. So you have to be a little careful. In addition, since it is knitted, there may be deformation. So white is a good choice.

white crochet bikini top


#3: Black crochet bikini and top

In crochet bikinis, vibrant colors are used and black color is not preferred. Since the black color hides the details of the weave, it does not look nice. Also, nobody wants to wear black at the beach on a hot summer day. However, there are still women who love. Do not forget to try different colored bikinis anyway.


black crochet bikini top


#4: Crochet bikini cover up

After leaving the sea, what you need most is a cover up. This model, which you will wear on a normal bikini, will make you feel quite spacious. It will not stick to your body like other fabric cover-ups. Of course, the most preferred color in this is white!

crochet bikini cover up


#5: High neck crochet bikini top

The bra part for high neck bikinis is designed very differently. Some are used for beaches while others are suitable for daily use. So you can’t wear it in the sea. To give you an idea about this, I would like to talk about two different models. The first high neck bikini belongs to a brown color. The lower part is decorated with fine beads. If your breasts are small, it may make sense to use such a bikini top.

high neck crochet bikini top (1)


This white high neck bikini top is more suitable for daily use. The simplicity of the color and the perfect crochet are really important criteria. The frequent bottom parts will offer you a comfortable use. The sparse crochet on the upper parts will make you look more beautiful.

high neck crochet bikini top (2)


#6: Yellow crochet bikini

Unfortunately, yellow bikini models are not among the most popular choices of every woman. I can say that it is a color preferred especially by dark-haired women. It is very important that the perfection of the knitting fit the body of the bikini. It is a really nice detail that the threads of the bikini are also knitted.

yellow crochet bikini


#7: Colorful crochet bikini

Colorful bikinis are very close to being the most preferred bikinis of this year! The biggest reason for this is that people are getting bored and looking for change because they can’t get out enough this year. You can try a colorful bikini to be one of the most popular women of this summer.

colorful crochet bikini

#8: Crochet bikini set

If you like casual, a plain bikini might be right for you. Especially a dark shade of pink can be a good choice for you. It won’t matter whether you have fair skin or dark skin. While knitting or buying a knit bikini, the most important point you should pay attention to is that the inner part of the bikini is not visible. Usually fabric is used. but it can also be done with a dense knitting.

crochet bikini set


#9: Crochet bikini bottom

There are a lot of options for the bottom in crochet bikinis. Both as a model and as a color. In addition, when the quality of the rope is good, it will be much better quality. If you want, you can use your bikini, if you want it flexible. I don’t know which one you like, but I liked the bottom bikini the most.

crochet bikini bottom


#10: Brazilian crochet bikini

Brazilian bikinis have a very impressive design. But it’s a bit of a bold bikini model. If you are such a brave woman, you can use a model like in the picture on the top of the bikini. I am sure it will make you look much more stylish.

brazilian crochet bikini


#11: Red crochet bikini

I will show you two different crochet bikini models as a red bikini. The first bikini is a very impressive model with a high neck. If you have big breasts, it may make more sense to choose such a model. Also, the simplicity of the knitting fascinates me.

red crochet bikini (1)


The bikini in the second picture should be entirely for young girls. The red hue of the upper part is quite impressive. It has an amazing design. You will have to work a lot to knit. It is quite difficult compared to the first model. But a small bikini top. Therefore, young girls can use it easily. It has a very different design at the bottom.

red crochet bikini (2)


#12: High waisted crochet bikini

High waist bikinis are a highly preferred model in crochet designs. Especially the high waist part of the bikini is beautifully designed with various crochet techniques. This is the most flashy part of the bikini. In this model we see, you can see that the top of the bikini is knitted in the same way.

high waisted crochet bikini


#13: Multicolor crochet bikini

Multicolor bikinis are a highly preferred model especially by young girls and children. If you are using a fabric bikini, this may not be the right choice. However, this situation will be much more pleasant in crochet bikinis. The biggest reason for this is that the colors will be much more vivid and distinctive. If you are knitting, you will have unlimited choice!

multicolor crochet bikini

#14: Neo crochet bikini

In neo bikini types, the edges of the bikini are generally used as a fabric with a knitted interior. However, in order to give you an original idea, I would like to introduce you a fully crochet bikini model. A beautiful model prepared using the colors of the rainbow.

neo crochet bikini


#15: Rainbow crochet bikini

Young girls prefer this type of bikinis a lot. The fact that they are colorful helps girls to express their childish souls. I do not recommend using too much white. Instead, you can knit a more beautiful bikini by increasing the number of colors and bringing them closer together.

rainbow crochet bikini


#16: Watermelon crochet bikini

Crochet bikinis with a watermelon look are generally preferred more for cute girls. If you want your daughter to look very cute, you can show your love by knitting a bikini like this.

watermelon crochet bikini


#17: Green crochet bikini

Green knitted bikinis are generally the favorite of dark-skinned women. Brown if you pay attention to the strands. In other words, it will be much more compatible with dark-skinned women. Crochet bikinis are really cool. Do not be upset if you are white. You can easily use this model after tanning under the sun for a day.

green crochet bikini


#18: Crochet bikini swimsuit

Regular swimsuits are not really liked by women and are used as a solution to lose weight. However, the purpose of use of crochet bikinis is much different. You can find swimsuits with quite amazing designs. The middle part of the swimsuit is usually designed as a net and it is aimed to achieve an impressive appearance.

Crochet bikini swimsuit