9 Awesome Wedding Bridal Makeup ideas and Tutorial

Wedding Bridal Makeup and Tutorial ideas (2)

Bridal makeup can be a tough job. It is the bride’s job to look beautiful on her wedding day, and her friends and family have put so much time and effort into making her look gorgeous. If you are the bride to be, then your bridal makeup may well be one of the most crucial parts of your entire wedding planning. Bridal make up can alter how people perceive you and your beauty. Therefore, careful consideration needs to be taken when choosing the makeup for you.

It is widespread for brides to try out fake eye colors and lip colors before the wedding day. Sometimes, women even try out false eyebrows. However, it is not advisable to use the same look at your wedding that you will wear on your honeymoon.

Wedding Bridal Makeup and Tutorial ideas

The only time you should consider something like fake eye and lip color is when you are at a salon to get your makeup done. When trying on makeup in the comforts of your home, you do not have the opportunity to make changes as you go along. However, by choosing bridal makeup online, you can make changes to see fit and compare the results.

Wedding Bridal Makeup and Tutorial ideas (3)

If you decide to go with synthetic makeup, then the colors you choose should be creamy and soothing. You will want to avoid bright colors, which will draw attention to yourself and make you stand out too starkly. It would help if you chose neutral shades that compliment your skin tone. Some useful bridal makeup tips include applying a bronzer to the face to create a good base for your makeup, as this will pull out some of the dirt and oil from your skin. You can then enhance the browser’s effect by using a liquid foundation to cover it over your natural skin tone.

Natural bridal makeup (2)

Natural bridal makeup

Another essential factor to remember with bridal makeup is that you should always apply moisturizer before stepping out onto your wedding day. Many brides tend to forget this, but it is an essential part of your makeup routine. This will help you avoid excessive dryness and break out, which sometimes happens when the skin is too dry. Some women tend to be more prone to acne at certain times during their life, especially during their adolescent years. This is why you need to keep the skin hydrated to avoid breakouts and any other potential problems. One easy way to do this is to apply some moisturizer before using your bridal makeup.

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Another thing that many brides forget about is applying concealer to their bridal makeup. Although concealers are usually a staple in many makeup bags, it is worth remembering that you should apply concealer before applying your bridal makeup. This is because concealer hides blemishes on the face and tends to cover up the skin’s natural beauty.

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Although bridal makeup should generally be subtle, there are some times when brides want to get rid of any hint of skin blemish and want to look natural. If this is the case for you, you should consider using a loose powder rather than a cream concealer. The powder will give you a more natural-looking finish and won’t clog your pores. It is also a lot less expensive than some creams and gels.

Bridal makeup Tutorial (2)

If you have dark circles under your eyes that you cannot conceal with concealer, then concealer is the way to go. However, concealer is not something you can just run out and buy at the drug store. You have to know what type of concealer works best in your particular problem areas. Some concealers are made to work better on people with darker complexions, while others may not work as well on you. Before you buy any product for your bridal makeup, you should test it on a small area of your face to ensure you get the results you desire.

Bridal makeup Tutorial

These are just a few tips to help you make the best bridal makeup selection. If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to select makeup that looks beautiful and is healthy for your skin. Right makeup will make your wedding day one you will never forget. You will love how you look and the positive impact it will have on your appearance.


Wedding day is one of the most important, special and exciting days of our lives without doubt. All women want to be like princess on their wedding days and want to look gorgeous. Makeup is also very important as well as your wedding dress. After you decide your wedding dress, you need to decide your bridal makeup. If you don’t have any idea about how your bridal makeup should be, you can hire professional make up – man or woman.

Bridal makeup Tutorial (3)

When you hire a makeup man/woman, you should ask for a test makeup so that he/she can know your face and you can decide you’re your bridal makeup in advance. This will be very helpful for you in your very special day. You may cry and so you should definitely choose water – proof makeup. You should try not to use very shiny lipsticks. Instead of a shiny makeup, you should have a mat makeup.

As we always say weddings are great events. As the bride, you should be the most attractive woman during this event. With your wedding dress, shoes, accessories and bridal makeup you will be really beautiful on this big day. Here are the most natural and attractive bridal makeups.

Bridal makeup Tutorial (1)

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