Wedding hair bun hairstyles
Are you looking for some fresh bun hairstyles this spring? If so, there are several fun and fabulous options available to you. This style is excellent for both casual and formal occasions. There are many variations of this hairstyle, from short and spiky to long and up-do. Let’s take a look at some of your top possibilities.

Hair Bun Tutorial

One of the most popular bun hairstyles for women is the low ponytail. This is an easy way to incorporate an up-do without having any hair to pull through the ponytail’s back. A low ponytail can be made even more chic and elegant by wearing it with skinny jeans or cropped pants. It can also work if you want to hide a lousy bun or simply because you don’t want anyone to see your unkempt hair! Use a curling iron to add height and volume to your low ponytail, and wear a simple, clean-cut shirt to go with it.

Hair bun for black women

The three wraps are another excellent option for a casual bun hairstyle that looks as good as it sounds. To create this style, use Bobby pins or hair bands to secure a small group of hair around the back and sides of your head, forming a loose, low bun. You may choose to add a few strands of hair behind the buns to make them seem more like layers.

Long hairstyles for red bun

If you are looking for something a bit chicer, you might consider going with the French bun. This is a simple style, but it is surprisingly elegant. To create the faux layers, start by pulling your hair up into a bun on top of your head. Then, carefully pin or clip in small sections of hair around the bun. Secure each section of hair with either Bobby pins or hair bands, allowing a slight gap between the bun and the scalp.

Blonde ombre hairstyles with bun

An alternative way to create the French bun is to gather the rest of your hair together at the bottom, gather it into a high bun, tie it back into a bun, and repeat the process with the top part. You can use gel or hairspray to hold the gathered hair in place, then use a large, wide-toothed comb to style the bun into a high, twisted up. You can use either hairpins or curling iron to achieve the look you want.

Long bun blonde hairstyles with side bangs

If you’d prefer something a bit less formal than the French bun, try to divide your hair into three sections, pinning them back into a low bun, pin the second section onto the first section, and finally secure the third section onto the first. The final step of this bun hairstyle is to ensure one of the areas to your face. Roll the pinned section into a tight spiral and secure it with Bobby pins. This bun will look very easy, but it is still a very stylish option.

Ombre bun hair with side bangs

There are many other simple ways to create sleek low bun hairstyles that you could experiment with, adding waves to the front or back. However, if you’re more interested in having a real hairstyle without going through a great deal of trouble, you should consider flat irons to create your own sexy, low-maintenance bun hairstyles. The best part about using flat irons to make your bun hairstyles is that you’ll be able to experiment with different sizes and widths to find the perfect hairstyle for you. Plus, you can apply them to give any hair type an extra lift, including short hair.

Awesome brown hair wtih bun

One great option for creating a simple bun hairstyle is entirely securing hair elastic around both of your ears. This will help you have a neat, tight ponytail that will look great every day. You can then simply pull the elastic up over your head and twist the ends until you have the style you want.

Lovely bun hair for winter

As we always say, buns are great and perfect choices for any occasion. There are many reasons for this. They look very stylish and make the woman wearing a bun look more sophisticated and modern. A bun when combined with a smart dress makes a woman the most charming person in the environment. In addition, if your hair is long, you are advantaged because long hair can be styled in any way.

Hair bun for blonde women

There are a great number of bun hairstyles for long hair. Low buns, high buns, buns with bangs, side buns or messy buns… As the number of choices increases, it becomes more difficult to decide on a hairstyle. If you will just go outside, you can make a messy bun on your own. It is very simple. Watch some videos and try it. Apply a hair spray to preserve the style.

Wavy bun hairstyles for blonde women

But, if you are going to a special event, it is recommended to go to an experienced hairstylist. You can take a picture with you if you cannot tell the bun you want. Look at our pictures carefully and select a bun hairstyle for your long hair. Keep in mind that you are lucky to have the bun you want because your hair is long.