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Awesome 10 Long Wavy Hairstyles Ideas

Awesome long blonde wavy hairstyles
Long wavy hairstyles have been quite popular lately. They are part of the punk/alternative rock hairstyle generation. The long, choppy layers swept to the side, and with the bangs falling just at the nape of the neck look very cool and can be either curly or straight. This hairstyle works well for everyone, even if it’s not easy to do. It looks great on all facial shapes. It adds a lot to a punk/alternative rock look, but there is no reason it shouldn’t be easy to do.

Cute long Wavy Hairstyles Ideas

The most common long wavy hairstyles are the long loose waves. These can be curly or straight. To achieve the open waves, start with an edgy, choppy look. Bangs that fall just at the nape of your neck to give the appearance of waves. Curly hair would look great for this style. When it’s time for the final step, use some Bobby pins to secure the ends.

Another one of the most common long wavy hairstyles is the long, choppy, wave-fronted bob. This looks great for those who enjoy wearing their hair long. You can add some blonde highlights by brushing your hair forward from your forehead. If you want your wave to appear more defined, you can add some bright purple hairspray to the ends.

Platinum blonde long wavy hairstyles

Long, layered wavy hair also looks fantastic. These hairstyles are usually created using a large amount of hairspray, then laying it all down on top of your head and letting it sit. Then you blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer, allowing the wet hair to run down the length of your head and create the waves. You can add some highlights with some purple hairspray if you like.

Pink color long wavy hairstyles

Bobs are another of the wavy hairstyles out there. Bob hairstyles are great for those who don’t have the time to style their hair every day. All you need to do is take some gel or mousse and lightly spritz your hair dry with a hairbrush. Next, take a section at the front of your head, about one inch from the temples, and lightly pinch your hair between your finger and thumb. Use your fingers to lift the hair and create the waves.

Long red awesome wavy hairstyles

One of the most classic long wavy hairstyles is the side ponytail. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who love to wear their hair long but don’t have the time to style it each morning. To create this hairstyle, take some gel or mousse and create two vertical line sections at the front and the back of your head. You can add some highlights to the sides using a darker color than your hair has typically.

Long ombre blonde wavy hairstyles

The long wavy curly hairstyle with the bangs pinned to the side is another option. This looks very sexy and feminine. To create this style, start by pulling your hair back to stretch into two sections. Then you will take some areas of your hair and pin them to the side to look like a bun. Now you will add in your bangs and braid them through the middle part of your hair. The long wavy hairstyles with the angled bob and layers are also a scorching style. These hairstyles work best if you use some dark-colored hairspray. This will help you minimize your bangs and create a wavy hair effect.

Long blonde wavy hairstyles

The long hair with side sweep and spirals will give you the long wavy hairstyles that you want. The easiest way to create this look is by using a curling iron with a wide-tooth comb. Start by curling your hair up into a high ponytail, then take your flat iron and slowly bend your hair from the bottom going to the top. Make sure when you are curling your hair that you keep your scalp in a flat position. When you are finished curling your hair, take your hairbrush and slowly brush the top back to its original post. Do not forget to clip your bangs before you are done.

Hair volume long wavy hairstyles

One of the hottest hairstyles for long wavy hair is the shag. The shag is an effortless hairstyle to do, and it is a great texture to have because it gives you texture in the layers. There are many different shag variations, such as the shaggy, sloppy, fringed, long shag, short shag, layered shag, and the shag cut. These hairstyles are all effortless to do, and they are all fun.

Cute long blonde wavy hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles with waves and bouncy curls can be achieved using a texturizing spray like Stearns & Foster or a styling rod. You can also add a little bit of hairspray on the ends to help seal your locks and protect them. A curling iron that has a wide-tooth comb works best for the waves and curls.

Blonde ombre long wavy hairstyles

If you have naturally wavy and long hair, you are very lucky. Sometimes, it can be difficult to straighten curly hair or curl straight hair. But, wavy hair can be easily styled with some basic techniques and products. You don’t have to struggle with your hair or spend too much time for styling. There are also many hairstyles for wavy hair.We will show you many hairstyles for long and wavy hair. You will really like these styles and want to try it. You can make your hair wavy by using a product like a styling mousse. After styling your hair, you can leave it like this or make a ponytail or messy updo. All these hairstyles are great for wavy and long hair. Braided hairstyles also look great.

Black curly wavy hairstyles

Now, look at the pictures we have chosen for your wavy and long hair. Then, decide on a certain hairstyle. If you can do it on your own, that will be great. If you cannot, just go to your hairdresser and show him the hairstyle you want for your long hair. Don’t forget. Even if you don’t have wavy hair, you can still have very natural waves thanks to some steps.

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