Cute blonde vintage hairstyles
Vintage hairstyles – Whether you’re looking for classic hairstyle inspiration or wish to try your creative modern take on vintage styles, we’ve got you covered from top to bottom with easy and quick vintage hairstyles for both long and short hair.

Cute Vintage Hairstyles for ladies

If you have quite long hair (or a particular vintage style that you’ve been dying to try), we’ve got just the thing for you! Today’s women are more fashionable than ever, so it’s essential to have a look at what’s hot and trendy before you shell out big bucks on salon products that may not suit your hair texture and needs. With so many great hairstyles to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you.

Medium bob vintage hairstyles

So, what are the top options when it comes to vintage hairstyles? The ‘do of the hour’ is the latest trend in the celebrity hairstyle game. This is simply a simple, up to the minute style that is perfect for all occasions. Many are wearing these hairstyles right now in their proms and bachelorette parties.

Red and layered medium vintage hairstyles

If you’re into the ‘do of the hour,’ then you’re in luck! Here, you’ll find all the best things you need to get going with that perfect ‘do. There are tons of amazing options for vintage hairstyles, from cute up-dos to super tight and sophisticated curls. One of the most popular styles today is the victory roll. These are simply victory rolls, which are usually done up in a short layer.

Red and short bob vintage hairstyles

To complete your vintage hairstyles of the hour look, you’ll want to add some waves. These days, it’s not unusual for women to add locks to their hairstyles. Why not try adding some waves to your layered look? You can also sweep your hair from the front to the back to create some sexy waves. Another way to add some waves to your vintage hairstyles of the hour is to tease them with some loose curls and pull them through the back of your head. Whatever method you choose, you’ll be the real star at the party!

Red long vintage hairstyles

Some other great options for vintage hairstyles of the hour are chignons, braids, and updos. Chignons are effortless yet elegant hairstyles that look as good as they feel. You can add a little bling to your chignon with some crystals or gemstones. Braids are another great vintage hairstyles of the hour choice. This look consists of a braided ponytail, and sometimes, you may add a vintage lace wig to complete this look. A vintage updo is one of the absolute must hairdos for any big day. This style consists of a beautiful cascading hairstyle that rolls down over the back of the head. If you have never tried a roll hairstyle before, you will fall in love with this new vintage hairstyle of the hour!

Red medium vintage hairstyles over 40

Long hair is a classic favorite that looks amazing in so many different vintage hairstyles of the hour. If you are looking for a great hairstyle to wear to your prom this year, look no further than a cute bob that ends at the ankle. A vintage bob with an extra wave or even a super long style is just what you need to make a big impression at your prom this year.

Long updo vintage hairstyles with bangs

If you are looking for some super hot yet straightforward vintage hairstyles of the hour, then try a super simple yet sexy updo. Updos are trendy right now, and you can get away with a super simple up that looks amazing. One option you can choose from is pin curls. Other options include French twists, barrel twists, cornrows, and many different vintage hairstyles of the hour.

MEdium layered vintage hairstyles

If you are searching for a new hairstyle that will take much attention it can be good to look to the past. Women, in the past, look really fantastic with their vintage hairstyles. Maybe, you remember from your mother or grandmother. They probably will be good examples for you when choosing on a vintage hairstyle that will easily be integrated into your modern life.

Long and amazing green vintage hairstyles

As everyone knows, vintage hairstyles are one of the sexiest hairstyles. You can look at 1940s, 1950s or 1960s in order to be informed about vintage hairstyles that the women of those periods were wearing. Women at every age look glamorous with vintage hairstyles. For example, you can look the pictures of Marilyn Monroe. She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?

Short bob vintage hairstyles with bangs

As vintage hairstyles are really popular, you can see many celebrities with their classic hairstyles that remind us the previous periods. You can wear an updo hairstyle with side rolls. If you don’t have much information about vintage hairstyles, you can look at the pictures. Don’t forget! Hair is very important and a well-created hairstyle will make you shine among others. All eyes will be on you if you try one of these vintage hairstyles.