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This Winter Crochet Hat Pattern Ideas! Beauty and Colorful Beanies! for 2019

This year the winter started early!

Hello friends. Today I decided to start my blog again. I will continue to share images with you on different topics. Today’s subject is winter! :)

The colds this year are quite ethical. To protect yourself from the cold you need to dress well. Especially your ears :). A lot of women don’t like to wear hats. It really hurts the hair. You’re right about that. But it is also necessary to avoid the cold. You can also use different hair bands. However, the most useful hats. Today I have prepared a different concept and presentation in different colors. I hope you will like it.

Now Let’s Come To Our Pictures …

First Hat!

We’re in different colors. Very nice hat. It is yellow and has a different mesh structure. Looks like a quality rope used. I can recommend you take a hat like that. It will keep you warm during the cold autumn and winter days.

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