What kind of diet should I apply for now ?

Ladies! You have decided to start a diet, you are doing research. But there are too many articles written on the diet. Therefore, you do not know which one you need to practice. You’re right. First, Here are some tips you need to know.

PERSONALİZED DİET:   Everything prior to, you should know that there should be a special diet that you can apply to yourself.     

AGE:  Age is an important factor in deciding the diet. Some chemicals decreases with age allows us to lose weight. Basal metabolism slows with age. Therefore, it should be administered by a different diet for all ages.

GENDER:  Men and women have different body composition. Because women are less than the number of muscles in men and therefore spend less energy.

GENETİC STRUCTURE:  Genetic structure are other factors affecting the rate of metabolism. Metabolism in people with metabolic problems in the family is likely to have congenital slow.

UNSTABİLİTY:  Giving and receiving constant weight: it slows the metabolism.

STRESS:  Your metabolism slows down.

CARBOHYDRATES:  During the day, macaroni, sugar, sweet and paste can affect the metabolism rate in the consumption of food. 

TEMPERATURE:  On days when the air temperature is high metabolism runs faster. On days when the air temperature is lower than is slower.

ECONOMİCAL SİTUATİON: Every day, you do not have a financial situation that could consume red meat, such a diet, you should note whether or not your business. You should choose a diet that will not force financial sense.

Always consult a nutritionist if you have the opportunity. If you do not have facilities, our advice will help you a lot.  Remember!  Sports or exercise without enough not spot-reduce. When you lose weight you will need to tighten your body again.  we do not promise you imagine. You will need to struggle if you want to lose weight. We will try to ease your work as possible. Our future article will list the shares on a diet. Now, continue to prepare yourself to a strict diet.

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