You are thinking of getting a micro braid hair style. But are you undecided? Now I will try to make you decide by giving you brand new ideas. First of all, we are now in 2021. Many women began to be driven by constant innovation. As usual, this change starts with the hair first. Hair is everything for women. It is the greatest opportunity to make yourself look more attractive and beautiful. A woman with beautiful hair can easily impress others.

Micro braid hairstyles for 2021

In our post today, I will try to give you as much information as I can about micro braid hairstyles. I will try to share information with you such as which types of micro braid hairstyles are more preferred, which model may be suitable for your face shape.


Lovely Micro braids hairstyles for change you lifestyle (5)


If you have noticed lately, she started trying micro braid hairstyles on white women. Especially women with long hair. Generally, they started to show an assertive image by dyeing their hair in different colors. Although not many such women, we started to see them on the streets. The main purpose of choosing this hair type, which is very difficult to maintain, is to be free-spirited. It can be to ignore someone else’s opinion and live the way she wants.


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But have you seen such an ambitious micro braid hair style? I haven’t met such a person yet. It is really a very bold action. First of all, the fact that the hair is in all colors has created a very different appearance rather than a bad image. More use of blue and pink colors created a youthful appearance. If you want to try your hair like this, you must be a white woman. For a black woman, mostly blue colors may be more appropriate.



As I mentioned in the above article, blue color may be the right choice for black women. In addition, the use of pink color in between added a distinct originality to the braid in the hair. However, using more blue color made the shape of the hair look more pleasant. As I mentioned earlier, this type of colored hair may be more suitable for young girls. If you are a middle-aged person, you should prefer simpler models. If you say I have a young soul, maybe you should try it.



Micro braid hairstyles for wedding

Your wedding is approaching and you haven’t decided on a hairstyle for your wedding. You must be really nervous about it. Don’t worry. If you are looking for a different hairstyle for your wedding, you are on the right place. First of all, we should say that there are many different hairstyles with micro braids. Actually, micro braids hairstyles have been preferred by black women but nowadays many women besides African-American women are choosing micro braids.


Micro braid hairstyles for wedding


If you choose micro braids, you will get rid of the typical hairstyles. Micro braids are known as invisible braids. They are very small. After having micro braids, you can style it as you want like making an updo or ponytail. It is just up to your decision and how you like them. You should take into consideration that if you want to have micro braids, you should spare enough time because it generally lasts 5-9 hours depending upon how many people are doing the braids.


Micro braid hairstyles for wedding


Before starting the process, your hair should be clean. Longer hair can break easily so be careful about conditioning your hair before the process. After having micro braids, you can now decide on a micro braids hairstyle. In order to do that, check out our pictures. As you see, there are many alternatives for micro braids hairstyles.


Micro braid hairstyles for wedding


Micro braids with curly hairstyles

Curly and micro braided hair is mostly preferred by middle-aged and young women. Braids are opened after half of the hair, resulting in a curly look. In order for this to attract more attention, different colors are used on the hair surface. These hair waves and braids can be of different sizes. Some women prefer smaller micro knitting patterns. When you braid your hair this way, your curls become denser.



Your micro braids can be a little bigger if you want a simpler look. Your hair may look a little sparse, but that’s not a problem. Having the lower parts of your hair sufficiently thick is enough for you to get rid of. Using one color on this type of curly and micro braided hair can be a much more effective solution. Because you might not want to attract too much attention. It is a very logical choice for a plain look.



Micro braids updos hairstyles

Updo hair style in micro braid hair is a very common choice. When you are tired of the appearance of your hair, you can quickly turn your hair into a fluffy hairstyle. There are a few small moves you have to make. Gathering your hair to wrap around the top of your head. Since your hair will be very thick, it will easily take the shape you want. You can also get a stylish look due to the voluminous hair.


micro braids updo (1)


It is also very suitable for daily use. When you apply micro braids to your hair, it is now a bit difficult to return. For this reason, after a while, women get bored and start looking for change. If you also complain that your hair looks the same, you can change your style by making a bun or a fluffy hairstyle during the day. In addition, decorating your hair with different accessories and using different colors will help people get their attention on you.


micro braids updo (2)


Pre braided micro braids hairstyles

I want to review the pre-braided micro braids hairstyles a little. I can say that this is a slightly different model, but before moving on to this, I want to introduce two different models to you. First, you will see a wonderful hairstyle that is braided quite thinly. Although I have seen many micro braid hairstyles, I can say that it is one of my favorites. The fact that the braids are too many gave a great look. In addition, the harmony of the face shape has created a wonderful beauty.



In the second picture, you encounter a knitting pattern similar to the one above. However, the hair is not fully braided here. I don’t really know which one is more useful. However, I think the second model is more difficult to maintain. Maintenance of non-micro knitting parts can cause you big problems. You may even lose your hair. You have to think well for such a model.



Micro braids wavy hairstyles

I would like to introduce you to micro braided wavy hairstyles with a few examples. In the first example, you can see micro weaves applied over a very long one. The color of the hair is very compatible with the skin color of the woman. This results in a great look. It almost forms a whole with her hair. I think this is a very important criterion. You have to create a whole with your hair. If we come to the subject, the hair is knitted using micro braids until the middle part. It was then freed in a wavy fashion.



I think the following example is ideal for wavy micro braided hair. The lower part of the hair definitely has a very natural look. Even if there is no partial micro braid on the upper parts, it makes the hair look much more impressive and shining. If you want to impress those around with micro braids on your hair, this can definitely be the right model.



White girl micro braids hairstyles

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, micro braids have started to be preferred by women with white skin. It is necessary to mention a few important points for women with white skin. First of all, you should take good care of your hair roots. Since your skin is white when you disrupt the care, even small deformations in your hair will attract a lot of attention. Compared to a black woman, white women use a shorter micro knit. This is a bit of a skin color issue.



In the second picture, we will consider the micro braided hair of an Asian woman with white skin. First of all, a really nice model has been built. It is very impressive that the hair flows to the side. In addition, the side of the hair looks like shaved, giving it a very different look. So did you like it? If you ask me, I really liked it. A beautiful hairstyle has emerged due to the round face structure and the very long hair.


In this topic, we tried to examine micro hair styles as much as we could. Hope to see you on a different topic.