Ombre Nails Design ideas and Combine With your Dresses

Ombre, the Ombre nail manicure means that the lady who will make this manicure is going to a fancy night party or a nighttime entertainment.

Ombra Nail Manicure is a manicure style that needs to be done very carefully and is usually not very pleasant in short nails.

With this manicure style, you must be dressed in shades of the colors used in the manicure and still be adapted to the manicure by making makeup in the same tone or contrasting shades. In the first place, dear ladies, to carry this manicure, you really need to prepare for the night from morning to hair care.

Because, as you will soon see, this manicure technique that collects on many important and remarkable colors really attracts all eyes to hands and nails.

Required Materials
To apply this stylish manicure, you need clear nail polish, light pink, royal blue, teal, light blue, glitter open toned nail polish, confetti nail polish, acetone, cotton, ear cleanser rod, makeup sponge, wide cap and tape.

Ombra Nail Manicure

Before you start the manicure, make sure you get rid of the remnants of the old nail polish and always apply tape to your finger circle. If you want to remember how the bant application is made, you may want to re-examine our work titled How to Shape the nail polish with water.

Now I want to share a few visuals about some ombre nails.

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